Brilliant-Exams offers different versions to be consumed by the Schools. The various components that constitute each of the version is detailed in the matrix below. Schools are even encouraged to further mix and match to create the package to suite that own needs.

Institutional Subscription Plans


Basic OMR

Advance OMR

Basic Knowledge

Adv. Knowledge

Online Exams


Custom Questions

Print Question Papers

Print OMR Sheets

Scan OMR Sheets

SMS Notifications

Email Notifications

Knowledge Bank

Online Exams


Multiple Teachers

Multiple Students


Add-On Modules :

1) SMS Module : Rs.5000/- per school for an academic year. The maximum number of SMS that can be sent out for the academic year is limited to 20000.

2) Trust Module : Rs.10000/- per trust for an academic year.

3) OMR Scanning Module : Rs.5000/- per academic year.

4) Please contact us for pricing of the above stated versions for your school.

Terms and Conditions:

1) All payments are to be made at the start of the academic year or before the start of the service.

2) All the payments will have to be made by cheque drawn in favour of “Brilliant Exams and Scholastic Tests Pvt.Ltd” or by making NEFT payment to IFSC Code : HDFC0000388 and Account Code : 03882560001447.

3) All Payments are non-refundable.

4) One time Setup Fee of Rs.5000/- per school is charged to setup the account and train the teachers and school authorities.


When a school buys any of the above packages which includes the readymade knowledge bank offered by then we offer the following Courses readily for your schools which ever are applicable. As you may see by clicking on each of the course package, each consists comprehensive collection of subjects with thousands of MCQ questions for each subject.