Who can use Brilliant-Exams.net?

The basic audience of Brilliant-Exams.net are as follows:

  • Students preparing and appearing for various scholastic and competitive exams can use Brilliant Exams effectively to gain maximum marks with optimum efforts. Brilliant Exams helps to achieve this by its scientifically designed Plan, Study, Verify, Calibrate and Collaborate cycle.
  • Schools who wish to conduct their MCQ exams online or offline can use Brilliant Exams. It allows the most modern schools having proper infrastructure to conduct the exams fully online. For those schools which doesn’t have so many computers can use the OMR print and scan modules to automate and speed up the examination processes. If the school doesn’t even have scanners then the school can generate question papers and OMR Sheets and then manually check the OMR Sheets.
  • Private Tuition Institutes who wish to conduct their MCQ exams online as well as train their students using the platform can us Brilliant Exams.
  • Organizations who wish to provide their employees with a good learning platform and conduct their Continual Professional Education as well as Recruitment tests online.