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Brilliant Exams provides you with different methods to learn and prepare for your examinations

  • Flashcards to know facts
  • Explanations to each answers
  • Actual Tests

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Brilliant Exams lets you learn anytime and anywhere with its various solutions

  • Web based Application
  • Android Application
  • iPhone Application

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Brilliant Exams let you measure with your groups, schoolmates and global competitors.

  • Invite your friend to your quiz
  • See your class performance
  • Chart how everyone does

Contribute to the knowledge bank
Brilliant Exams provides you with a platform to show your talent and share your knowledge by contributing to the knowledge base.

  • Contribute new question and answers
  • Provide Explanations to existing questions
  • Discuss topics and questions

Earn while you learn
Brilliant Exams provides you opportunity to earn while you learn and make the best of it.

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