How it works?

  • Brilliant Exams and Scholastic Tests Pvt. Ltd.( BEST )is the a self-evaluation system which works on an automated mechanism of examination and gives results , trend of your performance over a period of time instantaneously .
  • Students have facility to appear for chapter wise as well as unit wise examinations and see how they perform , there weakness , as to where to improve and stress upon to have increased performance in days to come.
  • BEST is striving for improving the content on daily basis based on feedback received by you & the mathematical trend captured when students take exams online.

How is it different from traditional books & Exam books?

  • Traditional book can be used for learning only. Every time you try attempting mock exams from Books , results are open & before completing reading of questions , you answer, basically beating the exams & feeling happy. You will see that our exams are intelligent & challenging, every time you appear, you are likely to get fresh paper which you will have to read and decide correct answer, This way you not only improve reading skills , but learn to understand & decide which is the best answer. Exam books have fixed content, At BEST our best in class content creation department creates questions every day and we append question bank regularly to give you new experience every time.

What is self evaluation?

  • Best gives you opportunity for self-evaluation & also guides you which sections needs to be strengthen. It also gives you learning trend weather you are improving & what needs to be done.

What if we do not have computer & Internet connection?

  • BEST is an online web portal and so if you do not have a computer you can go to any cyber café for using the same. We strongly advise our users to have Internet connection and a Tablet computer so as to practice and make use of Investment.

What are the benefits of online examinations to Students?

  • Can schedule their own Exam any time anywhere
  • Can judge their own learning performance
  • Can challenge their peers by making their own questions and explanation
  • Can get tips for improvement online.
  • Understand which topic needs strengthening
  • Benchmark their performance against other students who have appeared in such exam earlier.
  • Simulation of Exams reduces anxiety & you get increased performance in real exams.

What are the benefits of On-line exams for parents?

  • Authentic performance check of their kids
  • Can get SMS alerts on their score
  • They can get relative performance of their Kid
  • Learning curve, whether performance is improving?
  • Time tested tests.

What is the Extent Of coverage?

  • BEST Portal offers you Online exams for
    • GSEB ( 10th , 11th , 12th ) Gujarati and English medium
    • CBSE ( 10th , 11th , 12th ) Gujarati and English medium
    • AIEEE
    • GUJCET
    • And many more to come.

How will you Pay for such exams?

  • We have enabled our Portal to pay Online using world class payment system, no need to leave your house to buy coupons, If you have an E-Payment facility / account, it is very simple, also you can help your friends to pay for them and get commission. You can schedule test by Subject, Unit, No. Of questions etc. So small to check & improve your performance. You can also simulate actual exam!! Good Luck!!

What are the rewards to Student.

  • We will be recognizing students who will do consistently well in the exams on monthly basis with Financial and Non Financial rewards
  • Any student who has registered with us secures 1st Position in Board exams , district wise , we will reward such students with special financial prize.

How to buy?

  • Signing up with BrilliantExams is totally free and you can also use some of its subscription packages for free. There are many packages that you will need to buy to use it. This packages can be bought from the “Available Courses” tab of “Profile” page.
    • You can pay the subscription charges online if you have credit card, debit card or netbanking facilities.
    • You may also directly call on 9909440099 or email support@brilliant-exams.co.in to get the bank details for NEFT/RTGS transfer.
    • If you want to use Cash for purchasing the subscription, you may also contact the below listed persons to purchase a coupon which can then be used for online purchase
    • Name Phone Number Email
      Chittarth Mehta 9408187250 chittarth_mehta@yahoo.com
      Milan Paida 9428267060 milanpaida@gmail.com
      Hiren Patel 8306882735 2014hirenpatel@gmail.com
      Krutarth Mehta 9429962040 krutarthmehta2005@yahoo.co.in
      Neha Joshipura 9408187250 nmjoshipura@gmail.com

    Please contact 9909440099 or email support@brilliant-exams.co.in if you want to get enlisted as vendor on the above list.