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Online Exam Platform for Multiple Choice Questions [MCQ]

What is
419 is an online portal which allows the users to prepare for various scholastic as well as competitive exams containing MCQ [Multiple Choice Questions] by various means, anytime and anywhere.

Today most of the school board examination patterns whether of CBSE, ICSE or State Boards are either converted to Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) form or are targeted to be converted to be MCQ form in very near future. Most of the exams if not fully are partially converted to or soon will be partially converted to MCQ form.

Most of the Competitive Examinations like UPSC, AIEEE, JEE, PMT, etc., since long either have a section dedicated to Multiple Choice Questions or are fully MCQ based. provides a platform where by candidates preparing for such exam can learn from the readily available question bank, collaborate with their group, calibrate their skill level, identify the gap and plug those.

Who can use

The basic audience of are as follows:

  • Students preparing and appearing for various scholastic and competitive exams can use Brilliant Exams effectively to gain maximum marks with optimum efforts. Brilliant Exams helps to achieve this by its scientifically designed Plan, Study, Verify, Calibrate and Collaborate cycle.
  • Schools who wish to conduct their MCQ exams online or offline can use Brilliant Exams. It allows the most modern schools having proper infrastructure to conduct the exams fully online. For those schools which doesn’t have so many computers can use the OMR print and scan modules to automate and speed up the examination processes. If the school doesn’t even have scanners then the school can generate question papers and OMR Sheets and then manually check the OMR Sheets.
  • Private Tuition Institutes who wish to conduct their MCQ exams online as well as train their students using the platform can us Brilliant Exams.
  • Organizations who wish to provide their employees with a good learning platform and conduct their Continual Professional Education as well as Recruitment tests online.
Why to Use

Brilliant Exams has scientifically designed Plan, Study, Verify, Calibrate and Collaborate cycle after a lot of survey and study of the academic field. This approach of not only overcomes so many short comings of the conventional paper based MCQ exams but also has a very big edge over other computer based MCQ examinations. The students, teachers, schools and organizations have much to gain and the benefits can be learnt by studying the features offered on the respective sections.

The biggest benefit worth highlighting though is the detailed analytics that are provided and the effort streamlining and focusing it offers. It helps student to plan their study time table for study to have the maximum coverage. It than allows the students to study according to the created plan using the already provided huge database. The student can verify the knowledge gathered by appearing for self evaluation tests. The analytic reports then help the student to calibrate his skills and identify the strengths and weaknesses. Based on it student can then collaborate with his friends and teachers to bridge the gaps.

What does it offer?
352 is continuously expanding its reach and depth of contents. Currently it offers the scholastic exam preparation for the following courses

  • Standard tenth of Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) in English as well as Gujarati Languages.
  • Standard tenth of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Board in English as well as Gujarati Languages.
  • Standard twelfth of Gujarat Secondary Education Board (GSEB) in English as well as Gujarati Languages for Group A, Group B and Group A+B.
  • JEE-Main exams in English as well as Gujarati Languages
  • All India Engineering Entrance Examination in English Language is not only working to add more courses to acumen but also is continuously adding more questions to the existing courses and also explanations to existing questions. This is done by social content creation methodology.